Designed for Entertainment,
built for anything

The fastest L1 blockchain, optimized for entertainment, built for anything. Make your own rules, scale without limits.

On-Chain Transactions


Transactions per Second: Unlimited through
Horizontal Scaling

Digital Assets Minted


Powerful Infrastructure


No one likes waiting. GalaChain has block times of under 2 seconds.


Have boundless number of users and transactions simultaneously.


Build to suit your needs. Tailor chain interactions to your needs with permissioned transactions.

Energy Efficient

GalaChain's proof of authority minimizes impact on the environment.

Gala Node Network

  • Deploy your own workloads on Gala's decentralized node network with over 30,000 nodes.

  • Save money on server infrastructure cost, let the nodes do your work.

  • Gala's Node Network has been running with consistent, global coverage for years and is only growing.

  • Node Operators are active around the world, and are incentivized to support the network by reliable daily rewards, resulting in trustless, global coverage.

  • Node Operators are individuals, and data from chain transactions is readily available even while confidential details are protected in partitions.

Discover the Ecosystem

Explore the fastest growing community building the next generation of web 3 products.

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